Wordblast: How It Works

What Is Wordblast?

Wordblast is a text synthesizer. It's easy to use.

Learn how to play it.

How do I start making text?

Write about 5 or 10 words, and Wordblast starts making predictions.

1. Write some words 2. Predictions appear

Is it good with facts?

Not so good. Wordblast is good with general concepts, but can get things like names, dates, and places wrong. If your writing has a lot of facts, use Speedwrite instead.

Speedwrite is better at facts

How do I fix repetitive words?

Sometimes, Wordblast doesn't know what to say next, so it can repeat words.

This word is used too much

To fix this, replace the repetitive words, and start writing a new paragraph.

1. Replace words 2. Start new paragraph

Why are the predictions bad?

If the existing text has errors, then Wordblast's predictions might contain errors.

1. Bad text 2. Bad predictions

Fix the text, and the predictions are better.

1. Good text 2. Good predictions

Will Wordblast re-write existing text?

No. Use Speedwrite instead.